Aries Tattoos Aries Tattoos, Designs and Ideas Aries is portrayed by the Ram. Those born under this sign are born during the time period of March 21st to April 20th. A typical Aries is a fan of adventure, quick minded, confident and fiery or warm natured. Rams are typically doers not talkers and they will often will "jump into" something impulsively rather then thinking through. This could be potentially dangerous in terms of picking a tattoo. Wandering into a tattoo shop and randomly picking an image without enough thought is hardly ever going to lead to a tattoo you can cherish. Though it might make for a good memory. But with some thought and patience there are many choices for the Aries tattoos out there. The symbol representing Aries on the zodiac is a V looking symbol with the ends curling under, like a ram's head and horns. Lots of Aries tattoos showcase this symbol but done in bright colors or patterns. Aries are typically not shy so the bolder the better. Sometimes the symbol is the center of an ornate flower or sun. The symbol can also be done in a 3d manner. With shadowing and the right colors, this Aries tattoo can seem to pop out at the viewer. This symbol can be made feminine when done in delicate lines, perhaps with flowers surrounding it. It can likewise be made masculine when done in thicker lines and darker colors. Some Aries tattoos feature a literal ram sometimes on it's own sometimes in a montage of other items important to the wearer. This could be done in a realistic style or in a tribal style, with just the outline of a ram. Both tattoo styles are popular. Aries are notoriously stubborn, some people like to play on this by showing two rams butting heads or butting into a wall, rock or out towards the viewer. Aries is a fire sign, so tattoos incorporating flames are also popular. A ram's head or the symbol for aries incircled by flames is sometimes used in Aries tattoo designs. When done by the right artist this can be done to beautiful effect. The best Aries tattoos are the ones that best represents the individual, so whatever ideas speak most to you are the ones to go with.