Ankle Tattoos Ankle Tattoos, Designs and Ideas The ankle is a very feminine area of the body so its no wonder the majority of ankle tattoos are worn by women. The types of designs women choose for this area of the body range from anything from stars to animals. Daisy chains and flower chains in general, vines e.t.c are a very popular tattoo design choice. Ankle tattoo designs tend to be very delicate in style and can be tricky for the novice tattoo artists to pull off. So I would stress to anyone thinking about getting an ankle tattoo to do their research and seek an artist that has lots of experience with this part of the body. And also make sure to search lots of tattoo designs before getting one inked. Here at we have many ankle tattoos for you (Rosary, crosses, daisies, stars to name a few) but you will need a membership to download the full size images.