Word Tattoos Word Tattoos, Designs and Ideas Many people love to go for text or word tattoos instead of symbols of flower, animals or other such symbols. They love the letter tattoo designs because of the simplicity and flexibility they offer. No matter what they are called in different languages, the word tattoos have been around for ages and most people prefer writing the name of something especially loved ones, God, Jesus, Virgin Mary and others on their body. While some others love to imprint the texts to convey some message through the tattoos and make them more personal and significant. Besides the normal letters of English, there are words of Chinese, Japanese, Tribal language and native language that people prefer to get body art of. The texts of such word tattoos and tattoo designs can go to any length to make them significant and personal. First and foremost you need to decide the words or the letters or the text that you would really want on your body. Are you going to have them forever or are they going to be temporary? If they are for forever select something that you will cherish throughout your life like the name of your mother, children or beloved or God or anything like that. It can also be a quote that inspires and moves you. Second if you choose some memorable text or phrases let it be something that is always ever green like texts of Bible or religious book or something that is related to some strong message. Third you have to decide the color and design of the tattoo word and design. After you have done all of this you are ready to go for the tattoo art. Bear in mind that you should not regret anything for the word later, hence take all these precautionary steps. While going for text tattoos and tattoo designs keep in mind that if you choose something archaic or something in different language other than English, they must be perfect and without any grammatical or symbolic error. There have been many instances when alot of people who go for such exotic word tattoos land up with mistakes and they cannot correct them. Being a tattoo artist and aware of such mistakes, you will find all my tattoos of words are completely error from grammar, symbol and lines. They are the correct phrases and correct symbols that have been taken. The other important thing that you should be aware of is the color of the texts that you use in the word tattoos and tattoo designs. And last but not the least the place of tattoo design is very much important for you. You must decide the tattoo design area for the words. If the phrase is long and requires some big imprint, the lower back is often preferred the good place especially for girls. Small words and letters along with symbol adjust well on shoulders lower neck, arms and other places. Always remember to be creative with the tattoo designs and art. Please have a look at some of my indigenous and wonderfultattoo art that are unique in all ways and have been created by me keeping in mind the likeness of present generation. It is good to think outside the box with the tattoos and designs. The possibilities with world tattoos and tattoo designs are endless because anything can be formed into a tattoo. Even the initials of name to make wonderful tattoos. Please have a look at the Word Tattoo Designs in my gallery and choose one that you've been looking for all these days. Along with the words I also possess the collection of popular phrases and tattoos like:- Fleur de lis blessed word tattoo, Weeping Willow Wrist Tattoo, Crazy White Boy, Bible Verse like "The Higher You Fly, The Harder You Fall", some archaic phrases like 'Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici','Alis Volat Propriis'. "What Goes Around, Comes Around" and to name a few. There are special varieties of fonts and lettering that can be used to design the text for tattoos and designs. The fonts and print must be amazing that goes well with your traits. It is also probable to obtain tattoos in diverse words or calligraphy. That makes some sagacity and chic declaration. For illustration you can get the word tattooed in variety of languages like Japanese, Pagan, Chinese, Tribal, Egyptian, Hindi, Hebrew, and Brazilian and to name a few. Thus your text tattoos and designs must be in language or anything whose fonts are flexible to get them calculated in dissimilar ways. Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Hebrew are very accepted form of far-off language letters to impression the names. Of all word tattoos and tattoo designs, the name tattoos designs are most liked by people because they have something deep and meaningful in people. Name tattoos and designs are very much private and they mean a lot to the person who get body art done and the person who name has been imprinted. It is a great way to articulate approach and fondness. Therefore you need to be very watchful while preferring the designs and drawing of name tattoos. Whatever blueprint you select for word tattoos and tattoo designs, keep in mind that the tattoos should be ideal in all way. The text must be clear and must express the thing that you wish to express. Don't try to make it that complex and something that looks really odd. There are tons of such ideas that you can create and get the letters or text imprinted on your body. Just be vigilant and take ideas. You can browse my word tattoo gallery to get such excellent ideas on tattoos and tattoo designs. If you are really selective you will definitely love and cherish the word tattoo forever in your life.