Virgo Tattoos

Virgo Tattoos Virgo Tattoos, Designs and Ideas Zodiac sign tattoos are timeless choices among men and women because through those tattoos they can easily communicate about their traits to others. The zodiac tattoos reveal inner characteristics of the person and his zodiac sign mostly remains the high demand for making tattoos than other designs. Virgo, the perfectionist is the sixth sign of zodiac signs and those born between August 23rd and September 22nd and this time marks the beginning of the fall. And because the name is derived from Latin word which means virgin, the pictorial sign for Virgo is often a young and beautiful maiden. And because of this time of the year, Virgo is often characterized by fertility and harvest. Hence, people born during this period are modest and analytical, but at times they become quite critical and suffer from worries in extreme cases. If you are a born natural Virgo and wish to flaunt your natural zodiac sign through Virgo tattoos then you need to keep in mind that there are several hundreds of Virgo tattoo designs and arts that you can choose from for your body. But basically if you wish to express something personal in terms of image, there are two choices - one is the pictorial symbol of the maiden Virgo and the other is the glyph. The glyph of Virgo appears as sort of stylized 'M' and is related to Hebrew letter. With these two basic symbols, varieties of designs are created by tattoo artists to provide ingenuity and individuality to the tattoos. Variety of Virgo Tattoo Designs You can choose from the many Virgo tattoo designs that are available today. Thanks to the innovative tattoo artists and their contribution to making thousands of Virgo designs. You can browse through my gallery of tattoos to find indigenous designs and art of Virgo tattoos that have been create by me in a complete unique way! In astrology there is worldwide acceptation and added benefit of the symbols. If you are a Virgo, you can get inked by different Virgo tattoos on your body that would inspire your personality and also flaunt by personality. Because of the zodiac sign and its characteristics, the Virgo tattoos come in variety of sizes and shapes and designs. But before you choose any of the following tattoo designs and art, just keep in mind few of the following facts. First and foremost it is important to understand that the Virgo tattoo sign is something that must inspire you. It is true that Virgos are quite intelligent when it comes to logic and reasoning. And since they are logical they have harder time deciding and coping. They also feel little difficult to understand and deal with their feelings. They are also little clandestine in their thoughts and feelings and will not go out easily to express their feelings and others. Second, since Virgo means 'the Virgin' so you can choose tattoos and designs that can go well with such images that represent your nature. If you wish you can decide to draw the image of Virgin Mary or young women. If you wish something creative then you should go for Unicorn. It is something untouched and something very much pure! Besides the glyph associated with Virgo sign which is small 'M' can also be shaped in placed like just above the wrist or under the wrist or above the ankle. Such small sized tattoo designs provide great looks to your body and also enhance your personality. Third, Virgo sign is also associated with several flowers, and plant life. Always consider the thought of deciding a Virgo tattoo that is associated with such flowers or plant life. Plant signs that are generally associated with Virgo are - fern, ivy, pansy, chrysanthemums and others. You can choose either group of flowers or just a single flower on your body. And the color that is associated with Virgo is the Blue. The other colors those are associated with brown and green. So, you should keep in mind these colors while choosing the color of designs for Virgo tattoos. If you wish you can also incorporate the sign of planet Mercury in the tattoo designs and features. You can corporate the planet into your tattoos. Whatever tattoo you choose will ultimately depend on your taste and the one that will be tattooed on your body that you wish. The place of the body where the tattoo would be imprinted too plays a role in deciding the right kind of tattoo. Thus, consider the options that you have and think over them before you choose one. Meaning of Virgo Tattoos Choosing the right Virgo tattoo is a way to signify one's personality trait that reflects refinement, shrewdness, responsibility, cleanliness, intelligence, perfectionism, modesty and patience. The negative traits are there in the zodiac sign like fussiness, aloofness and having tendency to worry but, they have good features of body like high forehead, symmetrical figure, large and clear eyes, and to mention a few. So, the designs and art you choose must signify with the zodiac sign. Pictorial Virgo Tattoos The Sign of Virgo is associated with flowers, plants, and other such symbols. So, the pictorial representation of Virgo tattoos can be formed by merging it with other objects and symbols as well. For instance you can have a look at the images and tattoo designs created by me where you will find the ivy vines associated with the Virgin lady in the shape of glyph. The Virgo sign can also be combined with flowers like lilies, daisies, roses and objects like skulls, hearts, crosses, stars and moons to make them look authentic. The basic theme would remain the same with other objects added to it for aesthetic appeal. One can wear Virgo tattoo designs across the arm band, on lower back, upper back, chest, shoulders, ankles and other such places where it suits the personality. It actually depends on the tattoo design you wear and that goes with your personality. If you are going to make permanent tattoo and something you won't be able to remove, think well about the designs and types of tattoos.