Tribal Name Tattoos

Tribal Name Tattoos When it comes to name tattoos many people are on the fence, they either shake their heads or shrug their shoulders. Obviously the most common mistake people make is to have a partners name tattooed. In a few years time there is that chance that you won't be together anymore and most couples that split do not part on good terms. So your now left with a reminder of your exes name, (not cool). So the alternatives are you either find another partner with the same name or try and get it covered up. Both alternatives are just as hard as each other. Personally I am a big fan of tribal tattoos and I've noticed more and more people with tribal lettering on their skin and at first glance look like an ordinary tribal tattoo. But when looked closely you can make out the letters spelling a name. That for me would be the way to go, Tribal Name Tattoos. At least then the name wouldn't be so recognisable so to everyone else it would just be a tribal tattoo and nothing more. With that said I don't see any harm in having family members names tattooed. for instance your children and parents names. Here at we have many tribal name tattoos for you to browse through. You should be able to find the name you want in our A-Z tribal names gallery. And even if you don't feel free to contact us, we take requests!!