Tree Tattoo

Tree Tattoo Tree Tattoo, Design and Ideas Tree tattoos are both masculine and feminine and sported by both men and women. A tree tattoo is flowy and can be made to fit the chosen area of body very well. There are many reasons why people will have a tattoo of a tree. The obvious one is because they love trees, plain and simple. But some trees have symbolic meaning like the oak tree for instance. The oak is a symbol of strength and long life. They are also used in celtic designs too. The celtic tree is a very popular choice of tree tattoo. In japanese tattoo art the cherry blossom tree is commonly used and sported by mostly females. Good places to have one inked is on the side of body on the rib cage and on the back. The trunk would sit on the bottom of the lower back with the branches going up the side of back and curving over the shoulder blades. Other popular tree tattoos are ash trees, cedar, weeping willow and fruit trees. The weeping willow trees are commonly used in horror tattoos. The trees are generally in the background with the subject of horror like a reaper or zombie for example in the foreground. Body Placement If its a full on tree tattoo that you want, showing the whole trunk, branches and leaves then its a good idea to think about what body part you want to get inked up. A detailed tree would need to be placed on the back, top of leg, side of torso, upper arm or chest taking into account the shape and detail. Otherwise if its a silhouette of a tree that your after then the tattoo would not have to be so large considering the minimal detail needed. Click Here For Printable Tree Tattoo Designs