Tiger Lilly Tattoos

Tiger Lilly Tattoo Designs Tiger Lilly Tattoo Designs and Ideas There are a ton of tiger lilly tattoo designs out there but finding the right design for you can be a problem. Here at TattooWoo we want to aid you in finding your tiger lilly tattoos so please feel free to browse our flower tattoo gallery to get ideas. You will however need to join in order to view and download the full size pictures. Below is a list of some unique tiger lilly tattoo designs ideas 1. Celtic lilly flower on a tribal vine. 2. Bright orange lilly with leopard print spots or stars and hearts instead of the usual dots found on tiger lillies. 3. Flowers on a tribal vine. To fit either on your lower back or to go down leg or side of ribs. 4. An actual tiger face within a lilly. Would need to be very well designed in order to not look cheesy though. 5. Many flowers bunched together with the stems entwined in a celtic style. A design like this would look especially good in black and grey.