Tattoos For Girls

Tattoos for Girls Tattoos for girls and Female Celebrities It is a fact now that alot more women than men are getting tattoos than ever before. Feminine tattoos, women tattoos, tattoos for women or tattoos for girls are all common phrases heard more than ever before in the Tattoo Industry. About half a century ago seeing girls with tattoos was as rare as seeing 400 pound women doing cart wheels in the park. The girls sporting tattoos back then were usually the rebellious ones. But today girls from all walks of life are putting themselves under the needle. Female celebrities with Tattoos I think tattoos for girls became accepted socially due to female celebrities getting tattoos and also we have to say thanks to the media who took their photos and shown them on TV e.t.c. The obvious one that stands out for me is the infamous barbwire tribal armband sported by Pamela Anderson. That must be getting on for about 20 years ago already when she first showed that off in the tabloids. For me that was when girls realised that tattoos were actually very attractive. Styles of Tattoo Women tend to choose subject matter that is flowy, colorful and thin lined. For instance if its a flower tattoo then it is going to be colorful with vibrant colors and the stem is going to be thin and flowy and maybe placed on an area of body where it flows with the body line well. Tribal tattoos for girls are usually thin lined, swirly and flowy. The size of women tattoos vary but most prefer to stay on the small side. The larger tattoos like sleeves and back tattoos are usually left to the guys. But I have to say there are many women now sporting arm sleeves and full back tattoos. Most Popular Tattoos for Girls 1. Star Tattoos - Nautical stars and shooting stars are the most popular. Women mostly have these elegant designs tattooed on the lower back , thighs and feet. 2. Cross Tattoos - Feminine tribal crosses or a cross with a rose and thorns incorporated. 3. Flower Tattoos - Orchids, Roses, Lillies, Hibiscus and Daisies are the most common ones. 4. Animal Tattoos - Dolphins, Turtles, Bears, Cats, Dogs and Birds are all very popular animal choices amongst women. 5. Heart Tattoos - heart and banner tattoos are very popular. These tattoos are quite simple and girls will have a loved ones name written inside the banner in a feminine, calligraphy or cursive type font. Hearts incorporated with flowers and hearts with barbwire wrapped around them are also a popular choice. 6. Butterfly Tattoos - A very popular choice indeed. Butterflies are small and colorful and can fit many areas of the body well. For instance, small of the back (lowerback) back of shoulders, ankles, wrist and middle of back for example. 7. Tribal Tattoos - Thin swirly tribal tattoos with maybe a little color introduced are very popular. These beautiful girl tattoos are generally tattooed on the lower back, around the ankles (anklets) on the wrists as bracelets or on the lower stomach or down the side on the ribs and onto the hips.