Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Tattoo Removal, Options and Alternatives If you think that a tattoo on your body has become really become outdated and wish to get it removed, then you need to get it removed by the safest method. There are several tattoo removal methods and cost is a major factor that determines the type of tattoo removal technique that you wish to use in the market. Usually there are four general methods that are used in the market to remove the tattoos - TCA tattoo removal, tattoo removal cream, laser tattoo removal, and dermabrasion. All these techniques of removing tattoo are significant and important, but all of the options may not be cost effective. Of these four the most common method of tattoo removal is the TCA tattoo removal and it can be done in significant margin. Let us have a look in detail in each and every type of tattoo removal technique and find out which one of them is the most expensive and which one is affordable. TCA Tattoo Removal: The TCA technique is a cosmetic way of removing the tattoos from your body. This technique is used for facial peels, reduction of acne scars, facial blemishes and warts. This can also be rightfully used to remove the tattoo marks on your body. This affordable technique has been used for removal of tattoos for the last 30-40 years with good result percentage. TCA removal is the only home product for ink removal that has been tested in medical tests and studies. Such research and studies found that this is an effective way to get rid of tattoo and has been rated a safe tattoo removal product in majority of the tests conducted clinically. During the first medical tests of this method to remove tattoos, nearly 85% of the subjects were satisfied with their results. With the subsequent involvement of technology in this product, the TCA removal results increased to a level of 90-95% success rate. If you are looking for removal of tattoo the most affordable way and effectively, you can use this technique of tattoo removal. Tattoo Removal Cream: Today you can find many tattoo removal creams and products in the market from manufacturers that claim to remove the tattoo pigments significantly. However medical or clinical studies have not been carried till date on such tattoo removal cream. Yet, there are some products in the market which do have history of fruitful and productive results in removing tattoos. The tattoo removal cream is quite popular among tattoo lovers who wish to get rid of tattoos from the body because - o a) The tattoo removal creams are not painful like the TCA removal. You just need to apply them and once or twice daily on the tattoo areas. o b) It is easy to apply and just needs application. This is also an affordable and pain free way of getting tattoos removed. It slowly removes the pigments of tattoo under your skin. o c) Most tattoo removal creams do have in common a kind of skin pigment fading and melanin inhibiting chemical that is the main ingredient of such products to remove the tattoos. However there are some disadvantages too for such tattoo removal creams in the market. They are as follows:- o Most creams in the market don't work properly to remove the tattoo marks and ink spots. They have some artificial coloration that gives the impression that your tattoo ink is removed from the skin. o The skin fading cream only fades the chemical from the skin pigment above the tattoo and doesn't remove the tattoo ink completely which is located on the dermis layer of the skin. And at times the skin fading chemical of the skin too can pose some health risk to the user. o Then there are some tattoo removal creams and products in the market that exfoliates the skin with the help of some machine that is battery operated and must be used with the conjunction with the cream. o Low key tattoo removal creams cannot penetrate that skin deep to reach the location of the tattoo pigment and hence they fail in the process of tattoo removal. o There are some tattoo removal products that don't have guarantee of removal of tattoos completely. It is virtually impossible to get refunds from the manufacturer. o Thus, while you buy tattoo removal product always look for some guarantee and read carefully the terms and conditions that are made available. Dermabrasion: The technique of removal of tattoo as Dermabrasion was first used in the year 1905 when the process was first invented by a German Doctor for removal of acne scarring. This is called non-chemical peel and the modern day dermabrasion is used for tat removal that involves the use of freezing skin above the tattoo skin and then using a surgical sander to remove or peel off the skin that contains the tattoo ink. This method of tattoo removal is effective but quite painful and bloody. It generally leaves scar on the place where tattoo art was done. This scar takes a little time to fade away. This is done in a doctor's clinic and is quite an expensive method of removing tattoo. Laser Tattoo Removal: This is the most expensive method of tattoo removal techniques. The laser removal of tattoo can cost you nearly $350 per session and modern day lasers are quite effective in removing the dark pigments of tattoos complete clearly from the skin. The number of sessions required to remove tattoos with laser technology depends a lot on the size of the tattoo. Tattoos contain light colors are little difficult to remove and they require many sessions that actually escalate the cost of the tattoo. Light color tattoos required need to be at least five years old or more for removal through laser technology. Thus, you find the different techniques of tattoo removal. It is up to you as to which one you choose to apply for removal of tattoos from your skin. If you can afford laser technology is a good technique and if you are afraid of the pain associated with other techniques of tattoo removal, you can try the creams to remove the pigments of tattoo art from your body.