Tattoo Magazines

Tattoo Magazines Tattoo Magazines are great for inspiration for your next tattoos and offer great insight into the tattoo industry. I have listed below some of the worlds best tattoo mags. Tattoo Magazines, The Popular Ones!! This is my favorite by a long shot. The title just says it all in my opinion because it is the tattoo magazine. It is packed with great images and contains well written articles about individual tattoo artists e.t.c I have been a subscriber for over 10 years. Skin Shots This is great if you like to look at people with tattoos. Packed with high resolution images and contains good articles written about everything you need to know about tattoos. You can learn a thing or two from this mag!! International Tattoo Art Contains little adverts, which is an awesome thing!! I cannot stand mags that are just packed with ads. This mag comes close to Tattoo Magazine, although it is listed 3rd on my list because Skin Shots offers better images which is one main reason why people buy these tattoo mags. I highly recommend this one! Tattoos for Women Aimed towards the female audience. Contains good reference images that are categorized. Inked Mag This is not my favorite, but is a good read all the same. Nice written articles and images.