Animal Meanings

Animal Tattoos Animal Tattoos, Meanings and Ideas Tattoo designs have no end! Literally speaking there is no end to ideas for tattoo art because of the love for people for diversified tattoos. From flowers, letters to animal tattoos and birds almost all things find significance in tattoo design and arts. And that is one of the main reasons tattoo art is the most flexible and most profoundly overflowing art form for body art. Animal tattoos and tattoo designs are notable because of the significance they carry with them. The relation between men and the animals express the co-existence and mutual understanding of each other and dependency on this mother planet. We all are siblings of this mother planet. For animal tattoos and tattoo designs you will never run out of animals and creatures to get ideas for your body art.. Just have a look at our gallery of Animal Tattoo Designs to get an idea of the variety and flexibility. And as a tattoo artist I have taken complete care to make all of them unique and presentable in all ways. From butterfly to dolphins, to horses to eagles, to lions, to fishes and other such creatures, you will find almost all types of animal tattoos and designs you can think of. Voltaire once said, "Animals have these advantages over man: they never hear the clock strike, they die without any idea of death, they have no theologians to instruct them, their last moments are not disturbed by unwelcome and unpleasant ceremonies, their funerals cost them nothing, and no one starts lawsuits over their wills." Animals are viewed and respected in many religions and they have some hidden meaning like saviors, protective and adamant. Animal tattoos can be done in a simple art form aswell as highly detailed form if you wish to show off the colorful and realism on your skin. Animals have great significance and meaning to their art forms. In our discussion of animal tattoos we have categorized the animals according to the habitat to give a more lucid picture of the scene and help you choose one and understand the significance of some popular animal tattoos. Throughout the ages mankind has shown respect for all fellow living creatures and they expressed their love and care for nature through their tattoos. Today a tattoo is considered fashionable but there are large sections of people who wear them because of significance and bringing in luck to life. Here is a discussion that focuses on the different types of animal tattoos and tattoo designs categorized to their habitat and habits. Arboreal and Flying Animals: # Butterfly tattoo designs: Butterflies found their significance in tattoo art since ancient times and in different cultures. For instance the Monarch butterfly of Greek Mythology has been popular since days immemorial which represent human life cycles - birth and death. # Eagle tattoo designs: Eagle tattoos and designs have been around for many years and the eagle finds its most usability in the North American Culture because it is one bird that can fly to the zenith and yet can see what lies on the ground. Eagles have deeper meaning and significance and eagles are an expression of freedom and high thinking for ages. The appearance of the eagle has also to do with patriotism and pride. # Hawk tattoo designs: These are tattoos that signify power and terrific sensibility. The spirit of hawks is meant for truth, perceptiveness and awareness. They are very popular in Celtic forms of tattoos. # Owl tattoo designs: The hoot of the nocturnal owl has been there for tattoo designs for both young and old people. The owl has spirit of wisdom and insight. The owl is a symbol of wisdom, vision and insight. Forest Animals and Terrestrial Animals # Bear tattoo designs: This is one of the towering creatures and the bear tattoos are primal testimony of self preservation, strength and wisdom. # Cougar tattoo designs: The mountain tattoos and designs have significance of loyalty, leadership and courage. # Deer tattoo designs: Quiet and Swift nature and this graceful animal is a favorite subject for wildlife tattoos. The deer also signifies sensitivity, peace, gentleness and other such lovable nature. # Fox tattoo designs: They signify cleverness, cunning and discretion in human beings. Little rowdy and freedom spirited people love to flaunt fox tattoos. # Wolf tattoo designs: Another favorite wild animal for tattoo lovers. The wolf tattoos have always made an appeal to people because of its significance like co-operation, teaching and loyalty. # Horse tattoo designs: People since ages have loved the free spirit nature of horses and the strength that horses posses. The tattoos of horses are to signify the freedom spirit, movement, strength, durability and other such natures. # Lion tattoo designs: The king of the jungle and these tattoos are mostly worn by people belonging to Leo zodiac sign and have been popular in most cultures like Celtic, Tribal and other cultures. The simple sign of power, strength and dominance make lion tattoos very much popular. # Tiger tattoo designs: Of the big cats the tiger is an enormous lovable animal and because of its strengths like guardian, new spirited, adventure, and awakening of power and passion is a huge hit amongst tattoo lovers. # Jaguars/Panther tattoo designs: Another category of cats that signify mystic, power, adamant, jeal to fight till end, psychic energy, and nocturnal tendencies. Water Animals Tattoos and Designs # Dolphin tattoo designs: The co existence of humans and dolphins has always been known to us and the belief of humans on dolphins that they carry the divine spark separates them from other types of animals. In the realm of Native American spirituality, the symbol of dolphin bears both play energy and kindness and those who go for dolphin tattoos and symbols actually portray the kindness and playful energy. It also signifies as the keeper of mysteries and the custodians of the lost and ancient world. # Salmon tattoo designs: The salmons are a symbol of single mindedness and persistence, and dedication. They are loved by people who possess such nature to flaunt their personality. # Turtle tattoo designs: The turtle tattoos are another popular form of tattoo that are popular among people they have the significance of protective nature, calmness, posed character, inner knowledge, and healing. 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