Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Designs Tattoo Designs and Popular Tattoos If you have made up your mind to go for a unique tattoo design then you need to think about tattoo designs seriously. Simply getting an art on the body is not enough; you must get your skin tattooed with something that would be unique and different from other tattoos and art. Moreover your tattoos must be something too that relates with your personality and has some meaning hidden in them. Above all the design must be comfortable to wear at the places you wish to wear them. Thus, it becomes little difficult to choose a perfect tattoo design for you. Never make a rush for a new tattoo. There is no end to tattoo designs that you can find in the world of tattoos. From simple and beautiful flowers to stars, almost everything can be drawn and tattooed. Animals, flower, inanimate objects, stars and angels find great position in tattoo art and culture. Tattoo designs are not new form of art. Since time immemorial there has been competition among tattoo lovers to wear something unique, something meaningful and different from others. That is why you find so wide variety of tattoo designs today; some inspired by old form or art and others drawn out of imagination and creativity. The modern day tattoo artists can draw wide range of patterns, designs and markings of tattoos. Let us have a look at few popular forms of tattoo designs and art that are sought by tattoo lovers for their significance as well as beautiful designs. Angels: Angel tattoos are also symbolic for love and affection. It is also associated with the affection of loved ones whom we loss. Wide range of angel tattoos and designs are available across the world and cultures. They find their existence in all tattoos cultures of the world. The meaning of Angel is all about love, spirituality, protection and beauty of God's creation. You can find varied designs of angel tattoos like - angel tattoos with stars, Cherub angel tattoos and design, angel tattoos with Holy Cross and alike. Butterflies: The butterfly tattoos and designs represent the feminine love for beauty, softness and colorful attitude towards life. Generally speaking butterfly tattoos are overwhelmingly female tattoos and they are worn by all pretty ladies to impersonate their personalities through the art. The butterfly fluttering from one flower to other seeking nectar makes it impart the synonym of life which is later superficial and unstable! For Butterfly tattoos too you will find varied forms of designs and art. Crosses: Cross tattoos and designs are very popular form of tattoos which finds its significance mostly among religious groups. But there are some cross tattoos that don't belong to the boundary of religious tattoos. Cross tattoos can be drawn in variety of designs and combined with other designs such a flowers, skulls, hearts, praying hands, stars, moons, suns and similar objects. It all depends on the wish of the tattoos artist and the one who wishes to get the body art done. Dolphins: The co existence of humans and dolphins has always been known to us and the belief of humans on dolphins that they carry the divine spark separates them from other types of animals. There is mythological belief that there is some connection between humans and the underwater sea-world through the dolphins. In mythological significance the dolphins are seen as sacred mounts for the gods specially the Poseidon and Venus. And they are also the patrons of sailors who believed that the appearance of dolphins in the waves is just indicator of good luck for a safe voyage! That's why they dolphin tattoos and tattoo designs were popular among sailors also. Eagles: The eagle tattoos are basically the male tattoos and they have come across many generations. Today they are found mostly worm by military personnel and people who have patriotic themes. The eagle finds its most usability in the North American Culture because it is one bird that can fly to the zenith and yet can see what lies on the ground. The eagle tattoos have deeper meaning and significance. Flowers: The art of flower tattoos is perhaps as old as the art of tattoo making and the flower tattoo designs have always been fashionable, trendy and admirable all over the world. You can find flower tattoos and designs of almost all types of flowers in this world. Every flower has a meaning and significance associated with it. Hearts: There is some kind of charm and appeal in heart tattoos and designs that one cannot resist them. Because heart is the symbol of love and affection there is likeness for it from every corner. Moreover the heart also symbolizes a lot more different things in different cultures and have individual meanings too, hence the heart tattoos and designs fall under a totally different canvas of art. Lower back: The lower back tattoos have been around for ages and they find more usage in tribal tattoos to express sexual virility, tribal loyalty and even economic success. From beautiful and colorful butterfly tattoo designs to dragon tattoos in the waist area just above the blue or faded jeans impart some kind of sexy appeal and is often considered by women folk a way to attract men! Names: A name of your loved one on your body can really make the person feel good and honored. When it comes to ideas for name tattoos and designs artists can help you with numerous designs and art form for names along with other popular tattoos like angels, flowers, religious tattoos and to name a few. Stars: Star tattoos and designs have such significance in one's life. The multitude of options that you will find in star tattoos will amaze you and you would be more moved when you learn their significance and importance in our lives. You can find plethora of star designs for body art like tribal patterns, armband design, star military designs and alike. Hundreds of variations of star tattoos that exist in groups together with other stars like the Sun, the Moon and all three of them. There are tattoo designs of nautical stars, star fish, Jewish star of David and alike. Tribal: The shapes and motifs of tribal tattoos have some significance to tribal mythology and their view of the world. The tattoos actually reflect some kind of religious and social values of the tribe to which the art belongs. You can find recurring themes in the art like origins of the world, the rituals of the tribes, the ancestors, and their relationship with the gods. The tribal communities used tattoos as already stated above for identification, social status, rite of passage to another world, magic, superstitious beliefs, and alike thoughts. There is virtually no end to tattoo designs and art form that you can find for your body art. Browse through my gallery to find all such varied forms of tattoo designs to choose one for you!