Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare Tattoo Aftercare, Caring and Treatment It is highly important that as soon as you have got your new tattoo you need to take quality care of it until it has healed properly. I remember the first tattoo I got I never listened to the tattooists aftercare instructions and of course a few weeks later I was back at his shop asking for touch ups because I had peeled away the scabs. Below I have outlined everything you need to know about tattoo aftercare. Do not remove the bandage As soon as the tattoo artist is finished with your tattoo they will cover it up immediately with a bandage. This is not because they did a terrible job and trying to hide the mess they made until you get out of the shop. The bandage is to protect your new tattoo from bacteria. Its treated the same as an open flesh wound and if any air born bacteria was to invade your tattoo the chances of infection would be great. So take my word for it keep it on for at least 2 to 4 hours. Do not be tempted to show it off to your mates!! Wash, Clean and Treat After about 4 hours you will be wanting to remove the bandage. Make sure to remove it gently! Then with some liquid anti-bacterial soap like satin or provon wash your area of tattoo (with your bare hand). Make sure the water is not hot! Luke warm is warm enough. The reason you need to wash your tattoo is to get rid of ointment, blood and plasma. If your tattoo looks slimy you've probably got a good amount of plasma oozing through. You will want to remove as much of this as possible to prevent scabbing. Note: Never rub always pat when using a cloth. As soon as you've finished washing your tattoo you will now need to dry it by patting a cloth on it. Again remember to pat and not rub!! You don't have to but I would reccommend applying some ointment like tattoo goo to your tattoo. Ointment like this contains vitamin A and D and will enhance your tattoo's chances of healing well. Slap it Don't Scratch it! After several days you will notice some scabbing. Don't panic this is normal, your new tattoo is healing well and after a few more days will be completely healed. However, if the scabbing is excessive don't alarm just wet a cloth and hold down on the scabs for a couple of minutes a few times a day. This will help soften the scabs and should eventually fall off, themselves!! Do not pick the scabs, please I cannot stress this enough. If it itches, DO NOT SCRATCH!! just slap it . Slapping the skin does work and will stop you itching. Sun Protection Always remember to put some high factor suncream on your tattoos when in the sun. The sun can fade your tattoos fast!!