Star Tattoos Star Tattoos, Designs and Ideas Star symbols have had a long reign of popularity in the tattoo world. Star tattoos can be chosen for many different reasons. Sometimes they can be picked simply because a person is drawn to the star and they want something simple. They can be used to represent members of a couple or family. A star tattoo's meaning can also be determined by the number of points on the star. A five pointed star, if drawn with points of equal length and angles of 36 degrees is sometimes called a golden star. These are probably the most used and best known among the stars. Star tattoos done with this type of star can be done in many different colors or patterns to interesting effect. The five pointed star also appears in the flags of 35 countries and can be used in tattoos to symbolize this. A pentagram is a five pointed star drawn with five straight strokes with the lines connected in order to form a pentagram in the middle. These stars are typically thought of in connection with satanic worshiping but don't actually mean this unless the star is facing downward. This is because the star forms a goat or dragon face. Nautical star tattoos are also popular. Nautical stars were first tattooed on sailors. Because stars were heavily relied on by the sailors to guide a ship's way, sailors wanted to have a star with them always as a form of protection. People with nautical stars these days may be aware of this or they may just like the way a nautical star looks. This star tattoo has also gained significance among certain groups of people. Some lesbians like to get this tattoo on the inside of their wrists. Some punk fans like to get a nautical star tattoo on the inside of their elbows, symbolizing north as home, a throw back to the sailor's tattoo. Six pointed stars, or Stars of David are a symbol that represent the Jewish people. They were first called the star of David which may have originated from the Shield of David. It has also been said by some to have a connection with the fabled Seal of Soloman. There are many different types of Star tattoo designs out there. Some of them have significant meanings while others are just designed to be attractive to look at. No matter what the wearer wants from their tattoo there are alot of choices out there to choose from. There are many ways to personalize star tattoo to fit the style and body of the person who chooses it.