Star Tattoos For Girls

Star Tattoos For Girls Star tattoos for girls who love em! There are many different star tattoos for girls out there, its just finding the right ones for you thats the problem. Well let me tell you that here at we house tons of the most unique and high quality star tattoos anywhere let alone on the internet. Just head over to our Star Tattoo Gallery and see for yourself!! We also feature many different Shooting Star Tattoos and Nautical Star Tattoo Designs in a variety of different styles. With the split interest in different sorts of stars, shooting stars, nautical, star of david, stars with hearts e.t.c we thought we would give the most popular ones their own category so make sure to check them out too!! Girls Interest in Stars Girls have always been interested in star tattoos, for the simple fact that they are small and cute. But in a profound sense a star is a nice shape and aesthetically pleasing. Stars are cool to look at in the night sky, we see stars on the TV (celebs) we each have a star sign, (aries, libra e.t.c) we can wish upon a star. Maybe our loved one that passed is now a star shining brightly in the night sky? All these reasons are significant and because of this the word 'star' has plagued us for centuries. So its no wonder that stars are probably the most popular choice of tattoos amongst girls. Star Tattoos and Body Line Other reasons why stars are popular amongst girls are that they flow with the body line well. For instance the most popular areas of body for a girl to have a tattoo are the small of the back or lower back, on the hips, lower stomach and on the foot and ankle. All these areas can accommodate shooting stars very well. New Star Tattoo Designs For The Masses Because of the popularity in stars are so great it is only fair that there should be an amazingly high volume of different star designs available on the internet and in tattoo studios. New and fresh designs should be constantly flowing and drawn in lots of different styles. We at strongly believe that we will do just that and become the leading resource for the most unique and outstanding designs available anywhere!!