Scroll Tattoos

Scroll Tattoos Scroll Tattoos, Banners, Designs, Pictures and Ideas Scroll tattoos have always been popular, they are commonly used on their own or incorporated in with another design. For example a scroll draped around a cross with a loved ones name on it. Having a name or date of birth on a scroll makes the design much more pleasing to the eye rather than just the text or numbers written on their own. The types of scroll tattoos out there are made to look aged on parchment paper with some of the edges worn or made to look as if they have been burnt. Scroll Tattoo Designs Some good ideas for designs for scroll tattoos would be.. A long rolled up scroll with angel wings either side. Names of loved ones that have passed could be added for example. A cross with a scroll/banner wrapping around it maybe 3 times with a loved ones first and last name written on it and the date of birth. A flower or heart with a banner around it.