Scorpio Tattoos

Scorpio Tattoos Scorpio Tattoos, Designs and Ideas Scorpio star sign consists of people born from October 24th to November 22nd. These individuals are often described as mysterious, sexy, probing, passionate, successful and capable. On the bad side these star signs are also thought to be aloof, resentful and extremely jealous. The typical Scorpio tattoos has the option of being as mysterious and intrigueing as it's owner. The glyph for the Scorpio resembles a wavy lower case m. Although it isn't widely used as a tattoo design it certainly could be. Not mysterious enough perphaps? It could be used on it's own as well as with the tradional scorpio tattoo subject, the scorpion. Scorpio tattoos most often feature a scorpion of some sort. It could be a realistic scorpion or a tribal one. There are many examples of both types out there. These look very nice when draped over a body part such as the shoulder and trailing down the back of the wearer. Alot of Scorpio tattoo designs feature realistic shading on the scorpion and underneath to make it look like an actual scorpion on the body. Tribal scorpions are very prevailent as well however. There are many interesting ways in which to design a scorpion's body with this artform. Scorpio tattoos can be lovely, mysterious or menacing. However you choose to portray this star sign is up to you. Make sure it's a design that will make you happy in the long run.