Sagittarius Tattoos

Sagittarius Tattoos Sagittarius Tattoos, Designs and Ideas There are twelve signs and symptoms of Greek Zodiac that is still prevalent and Sagittarius is one of them. Those who are born between November 22nd and December 21st fall under this Zodiac Sign. People who are born in this period are called Sagittarian and they may wish to get Sagittarius tattoos on their bodies to reflect their personality traits and characteristics. Before we discuss the tattoos arts and designs of Sagittarius, let us have a discussion over the traits of this Zodiac sign. The people born under this sun sign are tend to be little extrovert. They are thought to exhibit traits like adventurous, active, impatient, free-spirited and to name a few. The other traits that are usually associated with Sagittarius are - intelligence, honesty, idealism, generosity, independence and versatility. Moreover the Sagittarians are also called wanderers and people who need to see the world closer and traveling. And there are many objects and things that are associated with the Zodiac signs and for Sagittarians they are - fire, horses and plant Jupiter. It is also possible to include some more objects, signs and symptoms in the tattoos of Sagittarians. Symbolism of Sagittarius: The constellation Sagittarius is referred to as Archer and that is why the general symbol of this Zodiac sign resembles a centaur with bow and horse. And the torso of man grows from the half of horse that points the bow and arrow. Centaur is a mythological character which is half horse and half man. There is also a shorthand symbol of Sagittarius that is used in tattoo designs and art forms. It is the symbol of the bow and the arrow. In tattoo designs and art the Sagittarius tattoos are mostly of the centaur holding the bow and arrow. In some cases the letter 'S' or the word 'Sagittarius' is also used in stylish form to depict the Zodiac sign traits in one. With the changing time one can find variety of form of tattoo designs for Sagittarius zodiac sign like Photorealistic, tribal, fantastic and colorful. The arrow tattoos vary greatly in size and shape. They can be simple, complicated as well as curvy. People also go for arrows with feathers that are associated with bows. The Sagittarians are ruled by the planet Jupiter and they are known as born hunters. Men and women born as Sagittarians wish to get their tattoos that would express their passion for freedom, embrace journey and facets of all. They also have the characteristic of optimism in their attitudes and are always characterized by looking at the brighter side of the things. Characteristics Represented By Sagittarius Tattoos Roman Mythology tells that Jupiter is the ruler of Heavens and hence the astrologers have high regards for this Zodiac sign. Because people who possess the blessings of Jupiter has the best of luck! They are the most fortunate of the twelve signs of Zodiac. Hence they also have high moral character, witty, confident persons and even during bad days they never disappointment. But few negative traits too govern the sun sign of Sagittarius - they are little impatient, impulsive, temperamental and insensitive. Physically the people who are Sagittarian stand tall and have slender and athletic bodies with complete proportion. Gemstones associated with this zodiac sign is -Topaz that comes in light yellow, purple and light blue color. The Glyph of Sagittarius tattoo designs and art is the straight arrow that is positioned within the bows. The symbolic meaning of the arrow is that the Sagittarian is looking for adventure and freedom. The simple way of representing the glyph is the small and black graphic of the arrow. In tribal and other patterns of Sagittarian tattoos there is more variation that added to the tattoo's composition while adding personalized twist. Sagittarius Tattoos Featuring Satyrs and Centaurs When you search for Sagittarian tattoos you will come across tattoos that feature images of talismanic characters like centaur and satyrs. In classic mythology the satyrs is a being that has back legs and tail of horse but the trunk, arms, chest and head of man while centaurs as stated earlier has four legs of horse but has head, arms, chest, trunk of man and others. The commonest form of centaur that you would find in the tattoo designs of Sagittarians is that of the Chiron. It has tutored many heroes in Greek mythology and that is why the master is portrayed in the tattoos of the centaurs. Since it is the sign of fire, the tattoos and tattoo designs of Sagittarius are associated with passion, energy, and idealism. The symbols and designs of the Sagittarius tattoos are full of resourcefulness, adaptability and holism. Combination of Tattoo signs and designs for Sagittarius tattoo designs Thanks to modern tattoo artists; they have been able to feature lot of designs and types of tattoo art with their indigenous tattoo drawing style. Today the Sagittarius tattoos can be combined with variety of other elements that enhance the looks of the tattoos and also improve the aesthetic looks of people. There are designs that feature flowers like roses, daisies, lily hibiscus, vines, hearts, fairies, moons, stars, crosses, and even skulls. You can browse through my gallery to find such wide selection of Sagittarius tattoos that have been combined with various objects like stars, fairies, flowers, moon, and other beautiful objects. When it comes to choosing color you will find wide variety of vibrant colors too in my gallery for Sagittarius tattoos. From the sun sign color Yellow for this Zodiac sign to colors like red, green, blue, purple, violet, white, grey and black are used to design the tattoos for Sagittarians. The Sagittarian tattoos can be worn in armbands, lower back, ankles, shoulders, upperback, chest and other areas. Whatever tattoo design you choose to flaunt your characteristics, you must keep in mind that the tattoos must go well with your body features, skin color and the place where you would draw the tattoo. Choose the right tattoo and you will definitely be happy with your tattoo choice! All the best!