Religious Tattoos Religious Tattoos, Designs and Ideas Religious tattoos seem to many an oxymoron. Many religions outrightly forbid the use of tattoos. However, many people still choose to use the religious tattoo as a way to broadcast their religious beliefs. Many Christians and Jews point to Leviticus 19:28 in support of tattoos being forbidden. However some in the faith believe this verse to be limited to those tattoos received to honor other gods as in pagan practices. This is a contreversal issue to say the least. A tattoo is such a strong way to stress to others what you believe in. Words say what you mean, the written word can say it louder but tattoos practically scream out your views. The process can be a long, usually painful and expensive experience. A tattoo is typically forever. Because of this many people may feel that they can truly show their devotion to their faith in this way. Many people feel that they can evangelize to others through their bodies and through the use of tattoos. Christian and Catholic tattoos are everywhere in the tattoo world. These can be featuring crosses, praying hands, angels, scriptures, and saints. The Christian fish is a simple yet modest way to get a religious tattoo. Mary is a popular icon used in religious tattoos. Jesus either featuring a sacred heart or shown on the cross is also very prevalent. The rosary beads are a popular religious tattoo among Catholics as well. There are also religious tattoos out there featuring the Star of David, and Hebrew letters although tattoos are forbidden in Judaisim. Eastern religions are also featured in many tattoo designs although some who have these favor them because of their colorful nature and not always because of their beliefs. Some Buddist tattoos feature the Buddist wheel, lotus, the Astamangala Buddist mantras or an endless knot. All of these are used to portray the symbolic natures of Buddha, his endless wisdom or the circular nature of life. Still some tattoos actually feature a large Buddha. Hindu religious tattoos are not as popular as those of other faiths. Still some choose to get the Om symbol as a tattoo. This is sometimes featured alone and sometimes in the middle of a lotus. There are also large and colorful tattoos out there featuring Hindu gods and goddesses. There are as many religious tattoo designs out there as there are religions. And there are many different ways to showcase these religions. These are just a few. If one wants a religious tattoo as with any other type of tattoo you might get, it's always smart to research, think on your true feelings and explore your options before you commit to get inked.