Pin Up Girl Tattoos Pin up girl tattoos and Tattoo Designs Pin Up Girl Tattoos have been a popular choice amongst men and women since the 1920's maybe beyond that. But the 1920's was a classical era, pictures were taken in black and white and sepia tones. Sepia and black and grey ink looks good tattooed on the body so thats why many will choose this instead of color. Pin up models back then traditionally had the long wavy hair and they would pose with like one finger pressed on there lips with their body turned to the side whilst crouching down. This is a classic pose and can be found sported on alot of mens arms or legs. One classic pin up girl model that springs to mind is the infamous Betty Paige. She was an icon in her day and probably more so now in the tattoo community. The next time you visit a tattoo studio just have a look at there pinup flash and I can bet most of the pinup drawings are modelled after her. Many artists depict her as a devil or angel. She will have horns a tail and wings. As for the angel she would have feathery wings with a halo above her head. Click here and Download Pin Up Girl Tattoo Designs As time goes by the traditional pin up girl tattoos are losing their appeal. More people are now opting for a more current look. So they would look to the modern day models and base their tattoos on them. The poses are more seductive and humorous. For instance who'd have thought the statue of libertry was a pin up girl? Well let me tell you she is in the tattoo community. And we even feature a couple of fantastic tattoo designs of the statue of liberty in our galleries looking all sexy!!