Neck Tattoos

Neck Tattoos Neck Tattoos, Body Art and Placement Neck tattoos seem to be quite common place nowadays. Everyday we see people sporting bodyart on their necks. A decade or two ago tattoos on the neck were frowned upon and now it looks like they are becoming more and more accepted just like tattooing in general. It seems that more men have neck tattoos on the side of the neck (it gives a general impression of being tough) where as women choose to have their ink on the back of the neck, or just behind the back of the ear. Reasons may include they can easily cover them up with their hair if they need to, and if the design is a delicate one, it looks feminine. Also the back of the neck is a sensual part of the body. I personalily think that tattoos that run up the middle of the back of the neck flow with the bodyline well and just look good. Neck tattoos are seen more often not only on people in general but also on celebrities and in movies and tv shows. One that comes to mind and was copied by many is the bar code tattoo that Jessica Alba's character on Dark Angel sported as identification. Some celebrities who bear neck tattoos in real life are Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, and Victoria Beckham. Neck tattoos seem to be here to stay, and speak loads about their wearers. I prefer going minimal when it comes to this type of tattoo. It just seems to look better and as it will probably be more on display then other tats, its just smarter to go with something that looks like art as opposed to a huge gaping hole in your neck. Unless of course that was what you were going for. One last point, a huge factor in having any tattoo really, is making sure you pick a good tattoo artist. It's really sad to see a tattoo design that could have been beautiful ruined my use of too thick lines and blotchyness.