Lion Tattoos Lion Tattoos, Designs and Ideas Lion, the King of all Animals, is always perceived something that is powerful and mighty and that something that you will always cherish about having done an art of it in your body. Imagine a lion tattoo in its most ferocious forms drawn on your arm and you flaunting it to friends and others. Lion is an ancient animal and symbol and has been incorporated in mythology and various religions of different cultures and civilizations across the world. It finds greater significance in Middle East, Africa, India, Mediterranean and other Asian countries. So, if you are thinking about some lion tattoos and tattoo designs, then you are really opting for a good tattoo art. It is said that Lion once roamed the Southern reaches of Europe some thousands years ago, but today the animal has become very limited and found only in few areas of the world. And you can understand the influence of the power this animal has as its symbols are found and represented in both the Japanese and Chinese art, mythology and other cultures beyond the range of one could think. Today the Lion tattoos and tattoo designs are found in variety of forms and thanks to the modern tattoo art and artist. Being a tattoo artist I know what it means when one wishes to get the body art. That is why you will find in my tattoo gallery of Lion tattoos and tattoo designs variety, uniqueness and other such symbolism. They have been drawn keeping in mind the various features and art form that present generation loves. From tribal style Lion Tattoos to Celtic, to Indian style Lion Tattoos you would find everything here. Just browse the gallery and find one perfect for you. Significance and Meaning of Lion tattoos and tattoo designs The Lion is often used to signify the symbol of Royalty and this is uniform in many cultures. Because this has been undoubtedly considered 'The King of all Animals/Beasts' it has always been associated with royalty, grandeur, passion, chivalry, bravery, suave, and other such adjectives of human nature. In the early Christianity, Jesus as seen as King of Kings and hence he was often represented by the art of Lion. Today you can find lion tattoos along with the combination of cross to represent that power and enigma. That's why Lion is also used as a symbol of St. Mark. The mention of Lion in the Bible quite a number of times and the time when a Lion lays with a Lamb has been predicted as the emergence of a New Age. Besides religious influence and significance Lion also has found significance in Zodiac signs also. The Leo or the Lion represents the zodiac sign of those born between July 23 and August 22. They are like kings, broad-minded, faithful, loving, expansive and they are born leaders. So if you belong to Leo get the tattoo designs of Leo to show what you are really made of. Your dynamic and strength is known to all. You are ruled by Sun and the tattoo designs can be associated with ruby and color gold. Lion is the representation of SUN. One can find stone lions in front of various temples and important architectural buildings of ancient ages. Even today many modern architectural buildings have the grace of such stone lions guarding the buildings. You can find such buildings encompassing the art of lions from areas like Mediterranean, Assyria, and Babylonia, Egypt to Greece and Rome. They are symbols of protector and guard and also the royalty. In the African Culture Lion was assorted with powerful symbol of Creation of Myths - it was referred to as both creator and destroyer and in some native cultures of Africa the Lion was figured importantly as rites because it was considered that a man would become a full fledged warrior. At the same time a hunter who could kill Lion single handedly was considered a symbol of epitome prowess. Yet, it fables the Lion in Africa is shown as vain and powerful creature but outwitted with small and clever creatures. Divine Symbol of Lion The lion tattoos and tattoo designs symbolize solar power, divinity, royal authority, fortitude, victory, pride, cunning, and nobility, divine power and at times cunning also. In Greek Mythology Hercules was known to have the strengths of ten lions and he always wore a Lion Cape and Headdress. That is why it also symbolizes justice, protection, courage and fairness. The images of lion have been used to protect the sacred places from the evil spirits. That is why you find in many Hollywood movies the ancient temples with the mark of Lion. Thus a Lion tattoo and tattoo design on your body may represent some of these aspects that you posses and define your personality. If you wear these qualities you deserve really a good Lion Tattoo and Tattoo design. As a powerful guardian figure and protector, the tattoos of lions are very popular among those who consider themselves as brave, savior and protector. Browse through my inspirational gallery of tattoos and find out lot of art there about lions tattoos and tattoo designs. They have been drawn and designed by me as unique and excellent form of tattoo art. People always demand unique tattoo that is why you would find almost all my Lion tattoos unique. I have combined the animal with other elements like Sun, Flowers, and Prey and also kept Lion single in many art forms in different designs and color variety. You would definitely find a perfect tattoo in my gallery having the right combination of color, art, and size. The Lion Tattoos and Tattoo Designs of my gallery are perfect for all types of body art and positions like - armband, arm, shoulders, lower back, upper back, belly, and also ankles. Choose a Lion Tattoo that matches your personality and a pattern that really holds some significance so that if someone asks you about it, you would be able to explain the meaning and significance of the art.