Angel Meanings and Ideas

Angel Tattoos, Meanings and Ideas

Angel Tattoos

Both men and women enjoy angel tattoos for different reasons and show them off on all different areas of their bodies. The upper back is a popular area because you can have wings spread out across your shoulders. You may be familiar with David Beckhams angel tattoo, a popular design among collecters. It is located on his neck and runs down his upper spine. It features a stunning angel with head bowed and wings opened and nicely fits his upper back area. Angels have long been fascinating for many people. As a human looking creature that is able to fly it's not surprising they are loved and revered. A grown up never loses the childlike wish to fly. Angels also hold significance in different religions. In the Christian bible there are many references to angels. There are angels that serve as messengers, angels that dole out punishment and ones that serve as guardians for humans. They are usually seen as good and beautiful creatures that help humanity. In the Hindu religion angels are known as "devas" and responsible for the natural elements of water, fire and earth. Some people like to use angels as a way to memorialize a loved one or a significant event. After 9/11 a popular design was a crying or sad angel with this date written underneath. Cherubs, an angel long associated with innocence, are a popular choice to get tattooed along with the name of a child. In Christianity St. Michael slaying the devil is a very symbolic piece. Many people will have this interpretation inked on them, in maybe a tribal style or traditional style. St Michael is a popular tattoo especially among those wishing to show religious devotion. Fallen angels are also very popular, take satan for instance. He's a fallen angel but people choose to have him tattooed for various reasons, the main one to rebel. Some people feel that an evil or fallen angel tattoo designs best represents them when they have gone away from the mainstream or against a religion they have grown up with. They can also be symbols of the occult or religions that believe in the worship of angels. Guardian angels are also very popular. We all want to feel secure and many of us have our own image of what our guardians look like. And if you can't draw you can always have a tattoo artist draw one up for you from your description. Many people believe in angels and some just enjoy them as artwork. Angel tattoos can be designed specially for you they can even be made to fit your body. This allows them to become a piece of art that looks beautiful and turns your body into art as well. As stated before the wings of an angel especially fit nicely across the shoulders. Angels can also be incorporated nicely into a sleeve piece when shown flying up or down the arms. Because of this and the reasons listed above, angel tattoos should continue to be popular for a very long time.