Libra Tattoos

Libra Tattoos Libra Tattoos, Designs and Ideas When it comes to choosing tattoo designs it is always good idea to stick to something that can tell something about you. That is why the zodiac tattoos find greater significance among tattoo loves because they help to symbolize the complete personality trait that you possess. If you are planning to get a next tattoo on your body or this is the first time and you are trying hard to figure out a tattoo, go for zodiac tattoos. Libra zodiac tattoos come in variety of designs, shapes and sizes and colors. Before we discuss the traits of Libra Zodiac signs and tattoos let us have a look at why you need to choose zodiac sign tattoos for your body. Your Zodiac sign is the largest part of your personality and characteristics. It also helps to paint a picture of your nature. No matter what sun sign you belong to, you need to focus on tattoo designs and art that focuses on creating balance and justice in the world. Libra is a good sun sign and that is characterized by bringing in justice in the world, hence Libra symbolizes the balancing pan and there are so many options open for Libra tattoos. Choosing Libra Tattoos When it comes to choosing Libra tattoos there are many directions that you can go and that would include complete Libra heritage. There are tattoo symbols for Libra as simple as - Yin & Yang, Peace, Signs, Cheech and Chong, Celtic knots, Fozi and Kermit or simply the Libra spelt out in fine letters. Besides being creative in choosing the Libra tattoos and symptoms and astrological signs the main part of your Libra tattoo and sun and moon around it will be something that ties them together. The western culture influence of Libra tattoos and signs and symptoms too can be appreciable on your body. Libras are known for their love and quest for unique things. This would be great way to show off that part of your Libra tattoos and designs. That is why you can have artistic rendition of the angst of light and dark, love and hate and positive and negative. Your artistic inclination will help you choose the best designs and art for Libra tattoos. Browse through the unique collection of my tattoo art and designs to find unique and indigenous Libra tattoos. You will love the collection of Libra tattoos at my gallery that come in different styles, shapes, colors and sizes. Traits of Libra People born between September 23rd and October 27th fall under the zodiac sign of Libra. Librans are represented y scales of balance and this is the only Zodiac sign you will find not depicted by any living being. Librans are ruled by the planet Venus and that is why Librans are romantic, sensual and they are more down to earth. During the period of September the earth and Sun move in such a fashion that a balance is made between the day and night. That is why the Librans has positive qualities in them like they are diplomatic, fair, sensitive, idealistic and charming personalities. However, some negative traits too are seen in the Librans like over indulgence, frivolity, gullibility, and out of balance at times. Libra is often related to the Greek Goddess of Justice Astraea and the scales are held in balance in weights and deeds of human on earth. That's why Libra persons believe in doing things in the right way and in justified manner. They cannot live without warmth, contact others and they have the characteristics of both negativity and positivity. Because the House of Love and Relationship is governing force for Librans, the choice of tattoos should be naturally something that is interested to such communication. Thanks to modern tattoo artists; they have been able to feature lot of designs and types of tattoo art with their indigenous tattoo drawing style. Today the Libra tattoos can be combined with variety of other elements that enhance the looks of the tattoos and also improve the aesthetic looks of people. There are designs that feature flowers like roses, daisies, lily hibiscus, vines, hearts, fairies, moons, stars, crosses, and even skulls. The standard glyph of Libra tattoos is the set of two short horizontal lines and the top line having half circle in the center. The Glyph can also be seen in setting Sun. If you wish to go for simple designs for Libra tattoos then you can choose the rippling lines and swelling half-circle. Besides, the simple design can be created with hieroglyphic flair, direct and simple. The tattoos for Libran personality can also be created with a hieroglyphic flair, with simple, direct, customized and ornate additional flowers, Celtic styling as well as with Asian inspired themes. Libra tattoos featuring scales are instantaneously identifiable as zodiac signs. To make the unique tattoos you can also use garlands of vine of flowers around the base of the scales and also use it incorporating with your favorite animal extending it to scale around your arms. Because the design options practically limited and hence you need to consult professional tattoo artist to discover the possibilities of customized pieces. Have a look at my gallery to find such unique and useful Libran tattoos. The Libran tattoos can be worn in armbands, lower back, ankles, shoulders, upperback, chest and other areas. Whatever tattoo design you choose to flaunt your characteristics, you must keep in mind that the tattoos must go well with your body features, skin color and the place where you would draw the tattoo. Choose the right tattoo and you will definitely be happy with your tattoo choice! Whatever tattoo you choose will ultimately depend on your taste and the one that will be tattooed on your body that you wish. The place of the body where the tattoo would be imprinted too plays a role in deciding the right kind of tattoo. Thus, consider the options that you have and think over them before you choose one. Few other important features that you should keep in mind: o Body Part: Lower Back o Color: Green o Metal: Copper o Flower: Violet o Gem: Diamond (Opal) o Food: Strawberries