Leo Tattoos

Leo Tattoos Leo Tattoos, Designs and Ideas If you were born between July 23rd and August 22nd your star sign is Leo. Leo's are known to be warm, bright, self motivated and full of energy. The ruling planet of Leo's is the sun. This is usually said to explain a Leo's tendency to want to shine and be the center of attention at all times. With such a dynamic personality there's no surprise that Leo tattoos are typically designed to capture the attention of whoever sees them. Traditional Leo tattoos feature the symbol for Leo's it looks like a lion's tail in the shape of an upside down U with the tip pointing up. Some people will have this symbol as well as an image of a lion tattooed on them. The Leo tattoo can include a lion's full image or just a lion's head. Both are beautiful images that can be rendered beautifully, a boon to the leo's pride. Tribal Leo tattoos are also popular. These are typically all done in black and can be designed to be masculine and with thick lines or feminine with thin lines. Again, these designs tend to deplict a lion's head or body usually with the Leo symbol incorporated either into the head, or below or beside the lion. Leo's are fire signs so it's not uncommon to see fire or flames in typical Leo tattoo designs.