Irish Tattoos

Irish Tattoos Irish Tattoos, Designs and Ideas Right, now you don't need to be irish to sport an irish tattoo. The most popular types of irish tattoo designs consist of lucky tattoos (clovers) leprichauns, pots of gold (treasure) rainbows, celtic tattoos and celtic crosses. Irish Celtic Knots Influenced from the celts, traditional irish celtic designs are very intricate and consist of animals, animal heads, tails and limbs e.t.c Irish Celtic Cross Tattoos Typically an all black intricate knot design, however most patriots would choose a cross to be in the irish flag colors namely green. You can find many designs like this in our Cross Tattoo Gallery. Clovers and Shamrocks Symbolising luck the 4 leaf clover or shamrock is globally popular. Typically in a green color but some people will prefer to use their favorite colors like, blue or red e.t.c. A popular shamrock tattoo design is a celtic one and you can find many of these in our Symbol Tattoo Gallery. Leprichauns This mythical creature is a popular choice all over the world, it can be humorous or evil. Typically leprichaun tattoos are holding a bag of gold coins or sat on a pile of gold coins e.t.c Irish Flags Obviously preferred by the irish patriot but you'll be surprised by the number of people who have irish flag tattoos who are not even irish, (go figure) anyhow some will have the flag on its own whilst many will incorporate another part of Irelands heritage like a celtic design or shamrock for instance.