Hindu Tattoos

Hindu Tattoos Hindu Tattoos and Indian Culture Hindu Tattoos are not only popular in Indian culture but in many other cultures around the world. Alot of none religious believers consider hebrew art to be cool. It has no religious meaning to them whatsoever. But out of respect it is a good idea to ink your hebrew tattoos on areas of body that are not well lets say 'rude'. The most common tattoos are of hindu gods and goddesses. Like Annapurna, Ganesha, Maya, Balrama and Garuda. A brief description of some of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses Annapurna - Is the goddess of food and cooking. It is in her power to supply food to the masses. Tattoos of her giving food to another person with a warm smile on her face. Ganesha - The hindu god of all living things. Famously known for his elephant head. There is a ton of tattoos out there depicting Ganesha. The infamous ones are of him sat crossed legged facing the viewer with all of his four arms visible. Maya - Hindu Goddess of Illusion. She has the power to make us see what she wants us to see. I have not seen many tattoos depicting Maya out there, but the ones I have seen show her as a very attractive woman, quite flamboyant with a dreamy sky background. The sky background is colorful and almost fantasy like. Balrama - Described as the perfect god. Strong, obedient, honest and divine. Most common tattoos of him sat down crossed legged with the tops of his hands resting on his knees, in a meditating pose. Garuda - 'King of the Birds' Has eagle wings, talons, beak and the body of a man. You can imagine the sorts of hindu tattoos that are out there inregards to this hindu god. Some will sport a man with eagle wings and beak e.t.c flying through rough terrain and storm clouds. Some go a little too far and make Garuda look like a complete eagle with feathers covering his body. In general Hindu Tattoos are very colorful, detailed and fantasy like. There are no limitations, you can depict so many different illustrations, scenarios and scenes from the hindu gods and goddesses.