Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoos Henna Tattoos, Meaning and Designs Henna tattoos are more commonly used in asian countries but is safe to say henna is used all over the world. Henna ink is a natural brownish color and temporary once applied to skin. I think this is the main reason why they are so popular is because you can keep changing your designs if you wish. Henna tends to fade between one and four weeks after the ink has been applied. The word 'Henna' or 'Hina' is a tall flowering plant that is grown in Southern Asia and Northern Australisia People have been using henna ink for their bodyart since around 3000 BC (The Bronze Age) commonly used on women attending ceremonies, weddings, engagement parties e.t.c. The hands would be decorated in a very intricate and flowing pattern. Today henna is widely used by all walks of life and used for all occassions. You can now even find henna artists at your mall, on the beach or advertising their services in your local newspaper. And if you wish to apply henna tattoos yourself you can even purchase henna kits that come with ink and design stencils. Tattoo Designs For Henna It is best to keep with designs that are less intricate and are in one flat color. For instance tribal tattoos, swirly patterns, flowers e.t.c. Here at TattooWoo we have hundreds of designs that can be used for your henna tattoos. Click Here to View our Galleries.