Gemini Tattoos Gemini Tattoos, Designs and Ideas There are twelve signs and symptoms of Greek Zodiac that is still prevalent and Gemini is the third Zodiac sign. Those who are born between May 22nd and June 23rd fall under this Zodiac Sign. People who are born in this period are called Gemini and they may wish to get Gemini tattoos on their bodies to reflect their personality traits and characteristics Gemini being the soft symbol makes very popular tattoo designs and art and one can find wide range of such tattoo and tattoo designs that would reflect their personality. There are modern Gemini tattoos and tattoo designs, Tribal tattoos and tattoo designs and similar types. The Gemini tattoos can be combined with many other design elements to improve the elegance of the tattoos and tattoo designs such a flowers, skulls, hearts, crosses, fairies, sun, moon and starts. You can find both new school and old school of tattoo art and tattoo designs for Gemini tattoo designs. And they can be used with varied color forms like green, yellow, orange, red, purple, violet, and even simple black and white ink. The main purpose of the tattoo is to impart the reflection of inner self along with the beauty of the tattoos. And they can be used as armbands, lowerback tattoos, on ankles, upper-back, shoulders and chest. Gemini sun sign is associated with the Greek twin god Apollo and Artemis that offers the dual nature of the sign that represents the image of twins. Getting a tattoo with your astrological sign demonstrates the planet that you know who you are, and you know how your sign affects you. Moreover, Gemini zodiac tattoos can dish up as a reminder, especially if placed in an important place. And when choosing a Gemini tattoo it is important to know what image would symbolize your personality and go along with your trait. For instance you can choose the Gemini Constellation or something that would symbolize best traits in you. Besides that you can also look forward to the experimental Gemini tattoos and symbols. Gemini people are known for being adaptable and also being indecisive and at the same time to be lively and inconsistent. Rose is one symbol that is often associated with Gemini's soft nature and lovely behavior with people. That is why you will find many people always preferring the symbol of rose along with other signs of Gemini. There are tattoo designs of Gemini that you can find in letters where the person would wish to get the imprint of the word 'Gemini' on his or her body to reflect her personality traits and also impart the impression that he or she is a Gemini born and soft at heart. If you wish to discreet the Gemini or any other zodiac sign of tattoos and tattoo designs you must pay importance to the size of the tattoos. And if you wish something that would be noticed immediately you should go for the tattoo on your shoulder or calf or on the armband. Additional information about the Gemini sign: * Gemini Horoscope Ruling Planet: Mercury - symbol of communication. * Flower: marigold, orchid, rose * Gemstone: agate * Color: silver, gray, yellow, orange, green * Day: Wednesday * Number: Five * Element: Air The glyph of Geminis is the 'twin' and can be represented by The Wolfs that often represent the Romulas and Remus the famous mythological founders of Rome. In Egypt, Gemini was known as "Two Stars" named for the two brightest celestial constellations Castor and Pollux therefore you can also go for the two star tattoos for Gemini personality trait. Gemini tattoo designs can adapt any combination of twin objects, animals or subjects to symbolize this meticulous zodiac sign, so modified design options are virtually boundless. The place of the body where the tattoo would be imprinted too plays a role in deciding the right kind of tattoo. Thus, consider the options that you have and think over them before you choose one. You can browse through my selection of cancer tattoos and designs that have been created by me exclusively. All the cancer tattoos and designs in my gallery are exclusive designs made for Gemini personality and that would speak about the features of your personality. Gemini Tattoos Revealing Personality Traits The noted personality traits of Gemini are - curiosity, cleverness, ability to connect with his or her surroundings and also rationality. But the negative traits include inconsistency, nervousness, jealousy, and being superficial. Some famous Gemini people whom the world knows very well include people like Helen Hunt, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Clint Eastwood, Joe Montana and Courtney Cox. And few of these celebrities have incorporated the art of personality traits in their bodies quite well through the Gemini tattoo designs and tattoo art. Moreover the Gemini people may also be termed as wanderers and people who need to see the world closer and traveling. And there are many objects and things that are associated with the Zodiac signs and for Gemini you will find objects used that fly like butterfly, bees and beautiful and soft birds. It is also possible to include some more objects, signs and symptoms in the tattoos of Gemini It is not essential that you always stick to the old school of tattoos for Gemini tattoo designs and art. You can have options of latest and trendy tattoo designs too. Just you need to know where you to look for. Thanks to the modern day tattoo artists and their creative minds that have been able to create a large selection of Gemini and other Zodiac tattoos and designs to pick from. There are many special traits of this Zodiac sign that would make you a winner. You can hit the right note by tattooing it on your body and do impart significant sense of style and personality. Just prior to the tattoo to be done in the arm you need to explore all the possible designs and possibilities to understand a design that would define your personality and inner self the best.