Frog Tattoos Frog Tattoos, Designs and Ideas Animal tattoos have been part of human civilization since the dawn of it. We find the mention of animal tattoos used in varied cultures and traditions because of the significance the animal tattoos do offer on humans. Animal tattoos and tattoo designs are noteworthy for the reason that they carry with them some amount of significance and importance to human race. The relation between men and the animals express the co-existence and mutual understanding of each other and dependency on this mother planet. We all are siblings of this mother planet. Frog is one important animal that has always been preferred for animal lovers and tattoo art. As member of animal clan the frog finds its tattoos and designs across many cultures. Frog is often seen as teacher that teaches us so many things in life. It is a lunar creature that resounds in water and at the same time it also resides on land. A better amphibian and cold blooded animal and creature that have a very sensitive skin and colorful patterns of skin those shamans consider it a magical. In many cultures the frog is associated with the ability to do quick things and jump from one state of consciousness to another. It is a symbol of patience also as the frog sits in patience to catch its prey when they are around. Because there is variety of species of frogs available in different colors like yellow, green, orange, red, pink, purple, brown, grey and alike, the tattoo artists get the freedom to draw large selection of colorful and cute frog tattoos. They are perfect for lower back, arms, shoulder area, ankles and other parts. They also look good in upper back area and chest portions too. Unique collection of Frog Tattoos and Tattoo Designs In my gallery you would find frog tattoos and tattoo designs in variety, uniqueness and other such symbolism. They have been drawn keeping in mind the various features and art form that present generation loves. From tribal style frog Tattoos to Celtic, to other types of frog tattoos you would find everything here. Just browse the gallery and find one perfect for you. They are also used with other elements like lilies, roses, leaves of some flowering plant, daisies, water pond, water ripples and similar types of elements that go well with the frog tattoos. You will also find unique tattoos and designs of frogs along with other elements like sun, moon, stars and other such things. You will also find old school as well as new school frog tattoos at my gallery. All the frog tattoos are designed and colored in variety of natural colors. Significance of Frog Tattoos: The frog animal has greater significance and meaning. This is a powerful symbol of ancestral identity and the clan attributes this to the frog tattoos. The frog totem is one of the oldest and most magical, standing for metamorphosis, new directions in life and regeneration. That is why the frog pictures are abounds in all cultures across the world and you can find them mentioned and drawn. For the coastal tribes in North America the frog is associated with moon and water. That is why the frog tattoo with moon is very popular among coastal areas of North America. They look superb on your arm or upper shoulder. It is actually the symbol of fecundity, wealth and prosperity. In Feng Sui too the frog finds a greater significance as you can find the art of frog with coin in its mouth as a powerful symbol of prosperity in China, Japan, India, Indonesia and other countries. The Frog Woman is the representation of guardian of fresh water and also protector of humans from flood and other such calamities. It is there in mythology that the Frog Woman builds the dam to control water for maximum benefit. Many Native Americans also called the frog 'the rain maker' because it croaks during rainy season thus bringing relief to farmers and cultivators. It also marks the end of season and winter. With the last snowfall during the advent of spring, the snowflakes in mythology turn into frogs croaking loud and clear the coming of spring and the end of winter and that salmons and fishes would be soon returning to the rivers. On the other hand the Haida master of west coast of Cananda considers the frog tattoos as balancer of houses and post. The house posts keep the balance by drawing the frogs. And for shamans in animistic cultures the frogs were considered to have some magic power and they have the power to more from one level of consciousness to another and in reality from one state to another. That is why the frog is also found in lots of rituals and ceremonies. The frog has always been seen as guide, teacher or as someone that has the understanding power of high quality and as a mentor. According to Iban tribes of Borneo the Frog was the Creator of Mena because Keling the most powerful God of Ibans often transformed into frog and that is why the frog tattoo on the throat of soldiers and warriors were common to save them. The Iban ancestors often used to reside in the body of frog so that they may return and come back to their relatives and longhouses. And the Goddess of Love and Beauty - Aphrodite in Greece, Venus in Rome often considered the frog a sacred animal and that is why the frog is also found in association with love and beauty and also making a symbol of life and protector in the journey of afterlife. In Egypt the frog has been the symbol of life and protector and also for afterlife journey. That is why the Egyptian Gods were depicted on the head of frogs. Thus you see, that the animal tattoos and tattoo designs are not simple art form to show the colorful and design on skin, but they have great significance and meaning to their art forms. From the inspirational gallery you can find hundreds of such frog tattoos and tattoo designs that would be perfect for you and suit your personality.