Foot Tattoos

Foot Tattoos Foot Tattoos, Designs and Ideas Foot tattoos are very popular amongst women. Although some men will sport tattoos on this area of body too. But generally speaking the foot tattoos are really a womans thing. The foot is one of the most painful parts of the body to have a tattoo. This is because there is very little flesh, only skin and bone really. So my advice to tattoo virgins would be to have a first tattoo on a more fleshier part of your body first before you get one on your foot. Fleshier areas would be the upper arm, thigh, stomach e.t.c these areas are much less painful. Because on the other hand if you are someone who cannot take pain well you don't want your first tattoo to be a foot tattoo because believe me the artist will have an extra hard time giving you a really awesome tattoo if your moving around and asking him to stop every five minutes. Why are Foots a popular choice amongst females? You can easliy hide a foot tattoo within a shoe. So if a tattoo might be an issue for you at work or whatever then you could quite easliy get away with a foot tattoo. Also foot tattoos look very elegant inside a flip flop shoe or slip on shoe e.t.c. In general foots are a sexy part of a womans body, and is a perfect accessory to show off pedicure. Popular Foot Tattoos Flower Tattoos - Daisies, roses, orchids, tulips, daffodils, hibiscus flowers. Generally starting with the flower heads around or on the ankle area with the stem trailing around the ankle and along side the foot. Flowers and Vines - Maybe a mix of different types of flowers entangled within elegant flowy stems/vines. Star Tattoos - Shooting stars are probably the most popular with a large star starting around the ankle region with other little stars and some flicks coming over on top of the foot or down the side. Names - Names of loved ones done in a variety of different styles maybe incorporating flowers, stars or hearts. A popular choice is to have a name drawn like a vine with some flowers and leaves incorporated within the letters. Tribal Names are also a popular choice. Tribal - Flowers, Vines, Stars, hearts or names or all of these incorporated together but in a tribal style. Daisy chains - Daisies on a vine wrapped around your ankle and then trailing onto your foot and maybe ending at your big toe. Rosary - Necklace beads (rosary) wrapped around your ankle and onto your foot with a cross. The cross would usually sit on the top of your foot.