England Tattoos

England Tattoos England Tattoos, Designs and Ideas Tattooing in England has always been popular and even more so now. But tattooing in England especially took off in the 19th century after which sailors or seamen from the british navy came back from their travels showing off the ink they got when docked in other countries. At the time more people in England were getting tattoos than any other european country. Popular Patriotic England Tattoos 1. British Bulldog or English Bulldog. These dogs are stocky with a docile or mean expression on their faces. Tattoo designs of bulldogs show them heavily built in a cartoon manner. 2. St George slaying a dragon. Tattoos depicting Saint George the patron saint of England slaying a dragon. The legend comes from a story told from one of his many crusades. 3. St Georges cross. The Saint Georges cross is a red cross on a white background, (the flag of England) 4. The words "Made in England". This was a common quotation told amongst sailors from the british navy in the 19th century. Todays seamen and military soldiers still love the saying and will have this inked on them. 5. The 3 lions. Commonly sported by the football (soccer) fans. Three lions is part of the England football teams logo. It consists of 3 symbolic lions within a crest. A modern day tattoo is to have the lions in a tribal style. Whenever England is participating in the european cup or world cup tattooists all over England are busy doing England tattoos for fans.