Daisy Tattoos Daisy Tattoos, Designs, Gallery, Ideas and Pictures These cute little flowers have captured the imaginations of many tattoo lovers over the years. Generally thought as a feminine tattoo design they are also sported by men too However the masculine designs tend to be on the large side and incorporated with another image, maybe a girlfriend or wifes name or a loved one in general. The daisy tattoo is a symbol of peace and simplicity. White daisies represent purity, red can represent the confident one, yellow means wise or joyful. Blue equals spiritual and purple can mean a sense of mysterious or dominance. There are other colors too like orange and green... However people I've met who wear daisy tattoos don't have them because of their color meaning. They have them just because they look pretty, cool and for their simplicity. The most popular areas of the body for sporting daisy tattoos, are on the ankles and feet. For example a daisy chain wrapping around the ankle or wrapping around the lower leg and finishing on top of the foot. On the upperarm creating a daisy chain armband are also very popular. The lower back, stomach, side of ribs, hand, neck and chest region are all popular body placement areas. Ideas for daisy tattoos A plain daisy and stem with a couple of the petals falling off or away from the flower. Your passed loved ones names or date of births could be written on them. This could be both a remembrance tattoo or a celebration tattoo. Another idea, if your a dog lover is to have your pets paw print with the petals of a daisy going around it. All different kinds of imagery could be worked inside your daisy tattoos.. Kanji symbols, olde english fonts, (maybe just showing initials) a sun or moon. Let your imagination run wild and don't just settle for the daisy tattoo designs you see in your local tattoo shop.