Cross Tattoos Cross Tattoos, Designs and Ideas Cross tattoos have been around since the first days of mainstream tattooing. They still enjoy popularity today. Many people who get crosses are trying to show their devotion to their religion, but there are people who simply get one because they like the look of it. Christian crosses are ether empty or feature Jesus in the middle if it is a Catholic cross or Crucifex. Crosses are even popular among those who like to dress gothic and people who are into vampires. Perhaps because they typically adorn grave stones in older cementaries. There are many different types of cross tattoo designs as well as different ways to showcase them on the body. Celtic crosses are immensely popular among the tattooed. These usually feature a cross with a circle and are among the most recognized of all Celtic symbols. There were tall stone crosses called "Highland Crosses" that emerged in Ireland, Scotland and other Celtic lands during 9th century or before. Some fans of Celtic crosses want to express pride in their cultures, countries of origins and even favorite teams. The Northern Ireland national football team features a celtic cross in their logo. A very loyal fan might get a tattoo featuring this to show their pride in their team. Some people who choose to get a cross tattoo to show their faith might lean towards a celtic cross simply because they enjoy the look of this ancient symbol. The iron cross is a tattoo design which is especially popular among men. It is a squat cross which is thicker at the ends. This cross was first used among the Teutonic Knights. It then began to be used in medals given out to those who showed extreme valor on the battlefield. It was last given out for this to a German soldier during World War II. The iron cross is used alot by bikers and surfers and even skateboarders. Iron cross tattoos can be plain or feature a design in the middle. They look great when done in 2d or 3d. Tribal cross tattoos are attractive to many people. Women like to have these done in delicate tribal lines sometimes featuring flowers, typically roses. When done in this way they make lovely armbands or lower back tattoos if joined with decorative tribal lines. Men like this style as well but with darker, thicker lines perphaps surrounded with flames or lighting. Cross tattoos are sometimes used to signify a memorial to a loved one. The cross is typically draped in a banner with the departed loved one's name or they feature a name below the cross. The cross can be part of a bigger design featuring several names and or portraits of those who has passed on. Backpieces are a popular format for this type of tattoo. Cross tattoos will probably be around for a long time. They showcase significance in many ways to their owners and can be done in many different styles. Whichever type of cross one may choose, it should represent themselves the best and there are many variations of the cross with which to do this.