Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Cherry Blossom Tattoo, Ideas for Tattoos The Cherry Blossom Tattoo is up there with one of the most popular types of tattoo for a woman to get. Many reasons why they are popular is because they are feminine, elegant and flow with the bodyline especially well. They can be placed on all the popular areas of a womans body, the side of ribs, lower back, legs, and ankles e.t.c. Cherry blossom tattoos are very popular in asian art, japanese and chinese. The cherry blossom holds significant meaning for both cultures but before embarking on a cherry blossom tattoo it is a good idea to know what a cherry blossom means to both cultures. The chinese cherry blossom is a symbol of power. It means beauty and sexuality of a dominant woman. The japanese however see the cherry blossom as a transcience of life. The flower only blooms for a very short time and fallen cherry blossoms symbolise the beauty of snow in japanese art. So the cherry blossom has very different meaning in both cultures. Many women who sport a cherry blossom tattoo will also have some asian character writing (kanji) to go along with it. So if your a woman who considers themselves sexy, powerful and dominant then it maybe a good idea to have chinese writing instead of japanese. Time and time again you will see dominant women with japanese influence cherry blossom tattoos and vice versa. Before embarking on your cherry blossom tattoo consider all of the images that are already available. You can find awesome and unique designs in our flower tattoo gallery. And instead of just having blossoms why not incorporate other images too? For instance a tree frog clinging onto a cherry blossom tree branch. A wolf howling on a cliff with blossoms falling all around him. Some japanese waves with blossoms falling and running through them. The list is endless, but if you browse through all of our designs on TattooWoo you will be sure to get great ideas for your next tattoo!!