Capricorn Tattoos Capricorn Tattoos and Ideas Those born under the Capricorn sign have birthdays from December 23rd to January 20th. Capricorns can be prudent, responsible, hardworking and ambitious. They tend to be both focused and social. But there are two types of Capricorns. One the goat that climbs higher and higher never satisfied til they reach the top. The other type of Capricorn is the garden goat, and not ambitious happily munching on grass in it's own field. The type of Capricorn tattoos which would appeal to someone of this sign would depend on which goat they best represented. Capricorns are represented by the goat and their symbol looks like a V with a curly tail most likely representing the goat's face and tail. A Capricorn tattoo showing this glyph ontop of or as part of the image of a goat would be artistically pleasing. Some Capricorn tattoo designs feature the Capricorn glyph either done in a tribal fashion perhaps in the middle of a star sun or flower. The Glyph can also be done thicker and colored in an animal print the wearer fines appealing. There are Capricorn tattoos out there currently done in anything from tiger stripes to cheetah spots. Another take on this would be patterns; polka dots, or stripes in a range of different colors. The possibilities are endless. Some Capricorns might like a tattoo which featured a goat. These Capricorn tattoos could be done in a realistic style on it's own or with a nice background scene. This could also be done in tribal fashion very nicely. It would depend on the person and what best appealed to their style or body of tattoo work.