Cancer Tattoos Cancer Tattoos, Designs, Meanings and Ideas One of the best ways to express yourself and your individuality as well as personality is through body art modification. You can effectively give people ideas about your personality through the zodiac sign tattoos that you choose from them. People born between June 21st and July 23rd fall under the sun sign of Cancer and provide people strong symbolism in their outlooks in life. Cancer is one of the hardest astrological signs to pin point when it comes to personality because the Cancer people often show lot of variation when it comes to their personality and the same fact stands for tattoos too. You can find wide range of collection of designs that signify cancer tattoos. Your Zodiac sign is the principal part of your behavior and individuality. It also helps to smother a picture of your nature. No matter what sun sign you fit in to, you need to focus on tattoo designs and art that focuses on creating balance of your personality. The very first thing that people gravitate towards the astrological designs is the glyph sign. The Glyph sign of cancer Sun sign is the crab claws that are placed opposite in directions to show the duality nature of the people belonging to Cancer group. Therefore most tattoo designs of cancer have the black scrawl of the glyph and there are people who also like to play with the color by placing the pears in the small circles. Cancer people are known for the affection they have for others and specially for family members the Cancer tattoos and designs may also feature the design and picture of family members or loved ones in their body. And mostly their tattoos may become a showcase featuring many things that have good deal of importance to them. That is why most tattoo artists do the designing of cancer along with the passions, joys and love symbols alongside the sign of cancer in Cancer tattoo art and designs. Whatever tattoo you choose will ultimately depend on your taste and the one that will be tattooed on your body that you wish. The place of the body where the tattoo would be imprinted too plays a role in deciding the right kind of tattoo. Thus, consider the options that you have and think over them before you choose one. You can browse through my selection of cancer tattoos and designs that have been created by me exclusively. All the cancer tattoos and designs in my gallery are exclusive designs made for Cancer personality and that would speak about the features of your personality. Cancer people may also feel inclined to add the old time depictions for cancer tattoos. For instance the 'The birth of Venus' might appeal to their warm and artistic sides. Besides that there are other features too that may attract the cancer sun sign people to get the pictures that carry their personality. The sense of Cancer people may compel them to show more realistic version of crab and it will likely shy away from the truthful translation of the crustacean. Luckily, though, there are many ways to remain this character unbroken, without taking the reasonable approach. A good example of this is the tribal crab. The tribal crab design for Cancer tattoo has sharp and dark lines that have heavy pointed claws and a round pleated body. The Traits of Cancer People that can be symbolized with the help of tattoo designs and pictures: The Cancer people tend to be loving, imaginative, and emotional and would have personality traits that would attract people immediately. All these good personality traits must be reflected by the tattoo signs and designs that you choose for yourself. Some negative aspects of Cancer people are they are complicated at most instances, not clear in their thinking and they are often show hesitating nature. It is not necessary that you always stick to the old school of tattoos for Cancer tattoo designs and art. You can have options of latest and trendy tattoo designs too. Just you need to know where you to look for. Thanks to the modern day tattoo artists and their creative minds that have been able to create a large selection of Cancer tattoos and designs to pick from. There is no end to the wonderful characteristics of cancer that can trigger your interest to have the Cancer tattoos to learn. There are many special traits of this Zodiac sign that would make you a winner. You can hit the right note by tattooing it on your body and do impart significant sense of style and personality. Just prior to the tattoo to be done in the arm you need to explore all the possible designs and possibilities to understand a design that would define your personality and inner self the best. One of the many noticeable traits of Cancer is the innate loyal feature. The Crab's claws that can grip exceptionally tight stand signify this symbol. Thus they are very much loyal to someone and also very much loyal to the people they love. You can devote your life protecting the loved ones. To make the unique tattoos you can also use garlands of vine of flowers around the base of the scales and also use it incorporating with your favorite animal extending it to scale around your arms. Because the design options practically limited and hence you need to consult professional tattoo artist to discover the possibilities of customized pieces. Have a look at my gallery to find such unique and useful Libran tattoos. The pictorial representation of Cancer tattoos can be formed by merging it with other objects and symbols as well. For instance you can have a look at the images and tattoo designs created by me where you will find hundreds of tattoo art and designs that are being created by me to satisfy your never ending quest for cancer tattoos. I am sure you will love the large selection of such trendy and colorful zodiac sign tattoos from Cancer to imprint on your body.