Cala Lilly Tattoos

Cala Lilly Tattoos Cala Lilly Tattoos, Designs and Ideas A cala lilly or Calla lily is a beautiful flower that originates from South Africa. You might be interested to know that the cala is actually not a lily at all but infact a mixture of 28 different flowers and is from the Araceae family. These tall elegant bell shaped flowers have now found their way into tattoo parlors and on the skins of many people around the globe. They come in a variety of different colors although some will get them tattooed in just black and grey. Popular areas of body to have cala lilly tattoos inked are the tops of arms, chest, lower leg, thigh and backs of shoulders. Cala Lilly Tattoo Designs There is a good variety of different designs out there depicting the flower on its own and also incorporated with different images, like names, stars and hearts e.t.c. For better reference of lilly tattoo designs head over to our flower tattoo designs gallery.